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Aim of live-in-holland.nl

This homepage will provide you with practical information on living and life in Holland. This site is especially intended to inform (exchange) students but also expats and other people who are interested in making living in Holland easier and more convenient.



With about 42,000 square kilometers Holland is one of the smaller countries in Europe. This means it does not take longer than 3 hours to travel from the north to the south or from the east to the west. Traveling by public transport is very convenient and not expensive if you know how you can make use of the discounts available.



Finding a room or apartment and prices can become quite difficult since there is a high demand for housing. And especially in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague property prices can become very high. On this site you will find useful information that will guide you in finding an affordable place to stay.

Food and Takeaway

Some dare to say that the Dutch are not the most culinary people in the world. Those who look further will find that non-native influences have shaped the Dutch cuisine, and nowadays a whole array of international foods can be found in supermarkets, markets, and restaurants. Takeaway is also very common.

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