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Albert Heijn Bonus Card

The Albert Heijn is one of the main supermarkets in the Netherlands which you will definitely also have access to in your city or town. I would say that the Albert Heijn with its many synonyms like AH, ah, or appie (as the Dutch preferably say) in its typical blue color is in terms of price level compared to other supermarkets to be found in the Holland.


There is one interesting feature, of course a marketing trick, but still beneficial for the customers: the AH-Bonuscard. This card allows you to get a discount on a large range of products. Check out the website to see which products are ‘in the bonus’ this week.


The AH bonus card is totally free of charge and you can go to the cashier or to the service desk to get your own. Another plus is that you can get a anonymous card meaning that only basic information you will have to provide.


In order to use the Bonuscard you will just do the grocery shopping as usual and in the end when you come to the cashier you hand-in your bonun card, which will be scanned. That’s it!


Generally, don't forget your bonus card when you go to the Albert Heijn. However, if you tell the nice girls or boys at the cashier that you forgot yours at home, they will use the card of the card and you will still benefit from the discount.

Products with Bonus:

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