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Public transport in Holland is advanced, can connect you from door-to-door, and proves to be reliable most of the time (except in hazardous weather conditions). Those who own car might have already experienced how bad traffic jams in the rush hours can be. On peak days and in bad weather conditions, the total traffic jams can reach up to more than 200 kilometers. This is one of the reasons why millions of people use the public transport system to go to work in Holland. Those who want to make use of public transport can make use of the public transport discount card (OV-chipkaart). - Plan your Journey!

On the website you can easily check connections for the Dutch public transport for bus, metro and train.


The website is very popular and easy to navigate. Especially useful for finding out how long it takes from door to door.



The providers of this service try to update the information regularly but of course there can be some mistakes or outdated information in their system, making you still miss the bus. In general the information provided is reliable!


If you have a smartphone you can download the app free of charge. Android as well as iOS is supported!


Click on the right picture to get the app!

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