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The by far most convenient means of traveling within Holland is simply taking the train. Within Holland the 'Nederlandse Spoorwegen' (NS) is the major operator of trains, followed by Arriva, Connexxion, Syntus and Veolia. The train network connects almost all major cities in Holland, and some even in Belgium and Germany. The trains run very frequently – almost every 15min – and are usually on time, depending on weather conditions (usually during the winter some delays occur). Another advantage of taking the train is that you can take advantage of relatively cheap prices compared to fuel costs, and discounts on train tickets. Discounts can even be granted while staying in Holland for a shorter period of time. It is already profitable to buy a discount card if you stay only shortly (3 months) in Holland. The by far most prominent discount card is the so-called “Off-Peak Discount Card” which is coming with a 40% reduction on the regular price, when traveling in the off-peak hours of the day. This card will be explained more in detail here.


Train Day Cards:

Temporary Special Offers - save up to 50% of the regular price! more...

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Travel by train with 40% reduction for a entire year with the 40% Discount Card of the NS. more...

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